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AppRiver CipherPost Pro Encryption

Avoid compliance issues and send confidential data with confidence. Get CipherPost Pro™ from AppRiver and experience true user-to-user encryption with just one click.

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Email can travel a long way before it hits your inbox. With CipherPost Pro™ from AppRiver, you’ll avoid prying eyes along the way. With one click, CipherPost Pro encrypts your message when it leaves your mailbox. Only the authorized recipient – with the proper password – can read the message.

Other services protect your message only from one server to another. Access to the server means access to your private information. CipherPost Pro gives you true mailbox-to-mailbox security, no matter where your email goes in between. That keeps your confidential information safe and helps your business remain compliant.

CipherPost Pro is genuine end-to-end email encryption from AppRiver, protecting your message from outbox to inbox and all points in between.

Features of CipherPost Pro™

  • Secure, fast and easy to use
  • Protects confidential information and helps ensure regulatory compliance
  • Provides delivery slip and registered mail options
  • Features centralized management and reporting
  • Enables large file attachment encryption and delivery
  • Includes Outlook plug-in, Windows and Mac desktop agents, browser plug-ins
  • Full-featured functionality for mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Android and more
  • Includes Phenomenal Care™ from our US-based team, 24 hours a day, every day


AppRiver CipherPost Pro Encryption Monthly Min Setup Fee Price
One-Time setup fee $25.00
  Price per user $7.95
Minimum Monthly for CipherPost Pro $25.00



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